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ANOTHER EDEN The Cat Beyond Time and Space × Talse of SERIES 25th Anniversary

Tails of Time and the Brave Four. Lales of Chronographia

December 17, 2020 (Thu) Scheduled Simultaneous Global Release


One day, they dreamed of following a cat.

Thus began an ephemeral meeting
the brave four guided by the tail of light,
and the ones who stand against the darkness.

At that time,
the shadow tail claimed to be the heir to the planet.
There it was, quietly and unceasingly preparing
for the future it desired.

The present, a world ruled by the tyranny
of the aristocracy.
The future,
where people are stripped of their individuality.
The past, where spirits are mind-controlled
and abused...

These inexplicable incidents
transcend time and space,
leading to an unprecedented crisis.
What awaits you at
the end of the journey,
a flawless world?
Or something else...


  • Cress
  • Yuri
  • Milla
  • Velver


From another place beyond time and space. A swordsman that has bravery and grace.

Yeah... There was probably nothing wrong with this world to begin with.

CV:Takeshi Kusao


A blade of Justice that strikes at night.An unconventional way of making right.

In for a penny, in for a pound.You can count on me.

CV:Kohsuke Toriumi


Innocence is where her wisdom is hides.But in her soul, the lord of spirts resides.

Let me handle that.I may present myself as human to all of you,but I am the Lord of Spirits.

CV:Miyuki Sawashiro


In her claw, revenge's thirst.In her heart, destruction's curse.

I fight for myself.I fight for revenge!

CV:Rina Satoh

Other Character And Look Out For These Characters, Too!

And Look Out For These Characters, Too!

New Feature New Features

  • Mystic Artes

    Cress, Yuri, Milla, and Velvet can use mystic artes.
    These are special skills that are learned on the 5-star ability board.When characters have less than 25% HP and their Over Limit has not been consumed, their skills change to "Mystic Artes."

  • Skit

    While traveling around the field, you will occasionally find a "skit icon" on the bottom right of the screen. Just tap it to start a special conversation event that we call a "skit."

    <Requirements to Start a Skit>

    • Progress in the story for Symphony "Tails of Time and the Brave Four"
    • Achieve the specified play requirements

    After achieving the skit requirements you might overlook one as you progress through the story.But even if you miss one, you can replay the skits at a place that is unlocked after completing the Symphony story.

    Special Crossover Skits

    • Where My Strength Comes From
    • Birds of a Feather
    • Cross-Cultural Cooking?
  • Cooking

    Cooking is when ingredients are used at a place marked by the cooking icon. If you succeed, you will restore your HP and MP, and you will get a meal to take with you if you do not already have one. Should you fail, only your mastery will increase.

    <Increasing Mastery>

    Each time you cook a dish, your mastery in that dish will increase, raising your success rate. Pairing up a chef with a dish changes their mastery, so make sure you ask them to make a dish that they are good at. There are rumors that you can make the ultimate dish by maxing out your mastery.

    <Learning More Recipes>

    Some people living around Acteul, Ratle, and other places can teach you new recipes. Try talking to one of these people about getting a new recipe. You also might unlock new recipes by successfully cooking specific dishes many times.


  • Prologue

    • Cress: Clear chapter 2 of the main story
    • Milla: Clear chapter 9 of the main story
    • Yuri: Clear chapter 13 of the main story
    • Velvet: Clear chapter 3 of the main story
  • Prerequisites to play crossover symphony

    • Clear Main Story Chapter 13

    * You can play by completing the Cress, Yuri, Milla, and Velvet Series' prologues

Tales of Chronographia

Theme SongDEEN "Machigainai Sekai"


DEEN has debuted with the single "Kono Mama Kimi Dake wo Ubaisaritai" in 1993. This single sold a million copies all of sudden. After, It has made several hit songs such as "Hitomi Soranaide," "Tsubasa wo Hirogete," "Eien wo Azukete Kure," "Hitori ja Nai," "Mirai no Tame ni" and the total sales of CDs hit over 15 million. The band is still very active with concerts; it has performed over 500 solo concerts until now. So far, its songs "Yume de Aru You ni" ("Tales of Destiny") in 1997, "Eien no Ashita" ("Tales of Hearts") in 2008, and "Mirai Kara no Hikari" ("TALES OF THE RAYS") in 2019 have been a theme song. It was the first who did three theme songs for the "Tales Of" series throughout the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s.
On Jan 20th 2021, DEEN will release their first city pop cover album, "POP IN CITY ~for covers only~". The band keeps expanding its career actively. Biography provided by SME