Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space - Part 2 Tales from the East Return of the Goddess of Time Volume 2


There is one who stands against the darkness, chosen by time itself... It is said the one with three names will be granted the true name of our hope. (From the Book of the Time Dream)

  • Unbeknownst to Aldo and his party, someone had altered history and changed the world. The western Migleina Continent was now under the rule of the Eastern Alliance of Mi and Shin. After crossing the seas to the eastern Garulea Continent, Aldo and the others seem to be guided by the Goddess of Time closer and closer to the source of all these events. That is when the phantoms opened another tear in time and space, swallowing the heroes within. What now lies before their eyes is...


  • I am...the daughter of the Hyperspeed Demon!
    The warrior who is the daughter of the faster than light demon. Kikyo
    CV: Rae Lim
  • Dollies like me can't open the gates of Purgatory, but we can hear the voices from inside!
    A straw body packed with big dreams, the straw dolly. Strawboy
    CV: Lizzie Waterworth-Santo
  • The young leader of the Chrono Clan, a group made up of Neohumans. Guided by the will of the planet, he seeks to change the world but... Kamlanage
  • The mysterious man in charge of the KMS Eastern Division. A man very proud of his pet gold fish. Delamair
  • The queen of Gadaro who has many mysterious spiritual powers. Himika
  • A fisherman from Zami who absolutely loves straw dummies. Gonjuro
  • The warrior executed for rebelling against the KMS corporation. Rindo

New System

Cultivating the Straw Dummy

On the Garulea Continent in Antiquity, you can cultivate and raise new straw dummies by collecting items on the field or by purchasing items from shops. The straw dummy's ability will change depending on which items you decide to use.


*The game images are still under development.

Update Information

Main Story

  • Adds Part 2 Tales from the East: Return of the Goddess of Time Volume 2
  • Adds new maps and areas
  • Adds new background music
  • (Requirements)
  • Chapter 55 of the main story must be cleared

Adds the following features:

  • Adds a new system for cultivating straw dummies