Bound Wills and the Hollow Puppeteer Promises, Vows, and Rings

Scheduled for November 2020


When a heartful wish is made upon
a flower, two souls meet once again.

While the time travelers
make their way to the wedding
in a far off village, an encounter
with a mysterious bride brings
a team of thieves back into their world.

They encounter long-past memories, ephemeral promises,
and old feelings closed away.
After all is unraveled, what wishes shall be unleashed?

Right now, the bell of destiny is ringing.



We're not doing this because someone told us to. It's because we want to save her feelings!

Joker she holds in high esteem,
this gymnast moves like a dream.


Come on, let's do this! I'll make all of you pay!

A hard talker with a heart of
gold, his actions are no less bold.

A new Another Dungeon is available!

A bunch of new missions are available!


And more?