ANOTHER EDEN The Cat Beyond Time and Space

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Without warning, ancient ruins surface from the depths of the ocean... They were the forbidden resting places of the immortal gods.

In order to unravel the mystery of the alterations made to history, Aldo and his friends crossed the ocean to the Eastern Garulea Continent. After overcoming many challenges, they finally meet Professor Madoka, the Daughter of Time and mother of Eden and Feinne, at the Chapel of the Goddess of Time. However, the professor attempts to hack into KMS's research center in the Xeno-Domain, activating Project: Another Eden. While searching for the church that disappeared into a hole in time and space, Aldo and his party find themselves in an unknown dimension, the Underworld. But what could await them there... The revival of paradise, the gods of old, the decedents of a race of giants, the ancient queen of a haunted path, a cursed sword that seeks the destruction of the world... The final battle is approaching at the intersection of the thoughts and prayers of many. And at last, the return of the Goddess of Time is nigh...!


A shrine maiden of the East,
embraced she is by divine beast.

You CAT-ch that? Look what Necoco can do! With blessings from the Cat Deity and specter power, I got the best of both worlds!

CV: Leonora Haig

A tranquil son of the goddess,
his skills both powerful and flawless.

But I am a child of the mother goddess all the same, and I strive to honor her.

CV: Joshua Wichard

New System

Replay Story

You can talk to the bard in the newly added section to Time's Forgotten Stop to replay the main story that you've already completed. Note: The chapters you haven't completed will not be displayed.


Note: Game images are still under development.

Update Information

Main Story

  • Added Part 2 Tales from the East "Return of the Goddess of Time" Part III: Conclusion
  • Added new maps and areas
  • Added new BGM


  • Part 74 of the Main Story must be cleared.


<New Characters>

  • Necoco is available.
  • Tsukiha's Extra Style is available.

Added the following features.

  • New replay story feature is available.