Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space - Part 2 Tales from the East Return of the Goddess of Time Part III: The Twist


"On the day of the awakening from visions of the Time Dream,
the Goddess of Time returns, and the door to paradise opens..."

History has been altered.
And now the continent of Migleina finds itself under the control of the East.
In order to unravel this mystery, Aldo and friends travel to the Garulea continent to investigate.
After countless trials and tribulations, they finally arrive at the Chapel of the Goddess of Time. And with it, find the final piece of the puzzle.
The Book of the Time Dream.
The Book, as it turns out, is actually a device that controls the main systems of the Xeno Domain, a laboratory created by KMS.
Back in the future, the Chapel of the Goddess of time is restored, and with it, Professor Madoka activates Project: Another Eden.


I don't have any memories, only strong
feelings burning in my chest...I know how it feels.

The child of snow awaits one, in her heart, a warmth runs.

CV: Lindsay Morton
We are made by man to serve men.
We obey. That is our purpose.
But that is not our ONLY purpose!

In her mechanics lies a heart, this stunning and graceful work of art.

CV: Andrea Valls


*The game images are still under development.

Update Information

Main Story

  • Adds Part 2 Tales from the East "Return of the Goddess of Time" Part III: The Twist
  • Adds new maps and areas
  • Adds new background music
  • (Requirements)

    • Chapter 66 of the main story must be cleared


  • Heena is available