Part 2 Tales from the East Return of the Goddess of Time Special Website


Long ago, there existed Ogre Rancorem, a sword cursed by the hatred and burning rage of the Ogre Clan that was destroyed by mankind. The cursed sword, said to bring calamity upon the world, was drawn by Aldo, a young man who was lead by fate to an adventure through time and space...

  • Meanwhile, in the Garulea Continent of the East on the other side of the sea, the Land of Mi and Shin formed an alliance to invade the West. Aldo and others weren't aware that the war had commenced and the world was quietly preparing for disaster. After learning about these events, the party decided to travel across the sea to stop the Eastern Alliance. At the same time, his friends from the East longed for their homeland, with unshakable wills in each of their hearts. New enemies, Specters and Demons, await in the East. And who is this "Goddess of Time" that Ogre Rancorem spoke about? Aldo and his party sets off on a new journey to a new land, the Eastern Garulea Continent!

New System


You can enhance your characters' stats and add ability effects by equipping Grasta. You can equip each character with Grasta of your choice.


New Encounters

  • This is my little sister, Suzume.How about we accompany you as you make your journey?
    Possessing a giant shuriken and burdened by destiny, the shadow of the Far East.Tsubame
    CV: Ruby Thomas
  • Master of the Fugen Itto-ryu! Win or lose, the die is cast! Here I come!
    The lover of blossoms and festivities, a dandy who enjoys life to its fullest. Shigure
    CV: Matthew Leonhart

Main Characters

The leader of demons whose homeland was destroyed, that conquers lands using the mobile Jiraiya Fortress. Suzaku
  • The lord of the Land of Mi who seeks substantial desires and the soul of scum. Genshin
  • Empress of the Land of Shin who is warmly bewitching, but also cold and ruthless as ice. Garneli


  • Scenario Writer and Director Masato Kato
  • Art Director Takahito Exa
  • Composer WFS Sound Department / INSPION / Maki Kirioka